England vs Ireland Nike advert

I have not stopped laughing since I set eyes on this youtube mash-up entitled,  “England Grandslam Champions 2011 Fail fixed.” To be blunt about it, England played like crap, Ireland deserved to win this one. But respect to the rebel who leaked this clip because it has made about 4 million people’s day (approx. population of Ireland).

So the story goes, NIKE got their foot in early and sponsored the English six nation’s rugby team, soon to be 2011 grandslam winners. NIKE filmed there new advert, they glammed up the English boy’s in their Lycra like whities and had them lunge around in front of a rolling camcorder. But as you may have copped, Ireland play different when they play England. They play better. Because history label’s them “our enemies” and there is no better victory for Ireland than preventing England winning the Grand Slam.

Saturday’s match ended in a stunning victory for Eire; 24 – 8, with young Sexton claiming Man of the Match. The youtube mash-up places O’Connell and O’Driscoll suited up in their muddy gear, to be crude,’ bursting their shite laughing’ at the dolled up English players pirouetting through the air. Over the Nike’s Grand Slam title, the creator has stamped a very Irish “Nope.”

“Come the day and come the hour, Come the power and the glory…” England can deny misjudging Ireland all they want, the truth is I don’t care, I am blistering with pride!


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