Review: Blue Crush 2

The spin offs on major movies is usually make or break time. It can crash and burn or it can explode into a box office sensation. Sadly, Blue Crush 2 made neither category, but floated somewhere in between. It is the perfect crappy chick flick for a Saturday night in, alone with a giant calorie loaded bar of Galaxy and a pint glass of hot chocolate clotted with marshmallows.

The storyline is mundane, the same thread has been retold a thousand times over; a rich young beauty fed up of her fabulous life treks off to Africa to retrace her dead mothers footsteps and fails to tell her aloof father that she’s leaving. She stumbles, she falls, hits rock bottom, recovers and lives happily ever.End of.

 Yet, the camera shots hit base. The solid quality combined with the retro playlist and surf plays a large role in redeeming the weak plot.After a shitty day at the office and the realisation that you are broke and single, sometimes this is just the remedy. This or get pollaxed on a fat bottle of vino. This way you save some cash and get to sleep in a bed as opposed to sprawled on the bathroom floor with your head perched on the rim of the toilet.

 The semi-pro actors were a pretty bunch; Sasha Jackson played the protagonist Dana, Elizabeth Mathis as her best friend Pushy, and Sharni Vinson the bad guy, I mean girl. No award-winning performances. The highlight of the movie is the portrayal and promotion of women’s surfing and its sponsors and that they pull off with style. Any young girl that watches this will want to rip. An unexpected plus is that the movie teaches you a thing or two about pro surfing, the pecking order, its sponsors and location, location, location. The legendary Jeffery’s bay is the heroines final destination and is now officially on my bucket list. It succeeds in making the audience want to bum off on a decent road trip with the gang and catch some waves. I cannot find fault with that!

On the outside, I am a hater of the cringey chick flick genre and I can unearth faults en masse if called upon. However, at the end of the day, when I turned off the tv while the credits rolled, I stumbled to bed giddy with a cheesy grin cemented on my face and butterfly’s in my belly.


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