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Humber Sailing & Powerboating Centre: Intro to Keelboat Sailing

Fact: Introduction to keel-boat sailing is theory free, what a blissful way to learn, just hands on experience. Seven hours on the water, that’s some introduction.  This way the participant either likes it or they don’t. The course run by Humber Sailing & Powerboating Centre, Toronto offers two choices, three evenings a week for two hours or the customer can squeeze it all into one day. Speaking from experience, the latter is a bit tough on the body, on the water nine to four, with only one fifteen minute stop to empty the bladder and dig into the cliff bars. For the determined sailer you can skip the docking part, use the bucket on board and survive on gorp. It’s all up to you. The price is $170, HST included, which is reasonable enough considering sailing is commonly associated with the upper class aka the rich.

The certified instructor, mine at least, was adorable, both funny and informative. The extent of what we wanted to cover was entirely up to us, we could race, participate, listen, question or simply relax while he pulled the strings. Luckily I chose the racer, the smaller and apparently faster boat, (P.s if that was the fast both, thank god I wasn’t on the slow one.)  The capacity was four people. Four strangers that got to know each other pretty quickly, personal space would not want to be a big issue with you. We tacked, we steered, we hoisted the sails and by the closing hours we were talking and actually understanding the overwhelming sailing lingo.

The course is sturdy, there to be taking advantage of. It’s the perfect introduction to decide if sailing is a hobby you wish to pursue and invest in or just an experience to say that you’ve tried.But beware; go with a friend, someone you can have a laugh with out on the high seas, or else you could end up like me, squeezed in between an older couple both in finance and creepily in love, while you tag along uncomfortably gate crashing their couple bonding time.

Sailing itself is not as adrenaline pumping as expected. Therefore, it is not the sport for me. But when the instructor sensing my discomfort let me sit up on the bow (tip) of the boat alone, legs dangling over the edge with the water splashing on my legs while the sun cremated my pale suncreamless skin, I thought wow this is the life.


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