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Snowboarding – the coolest sport in the world

Now this is what I call a sport. I’m not going to lie, I picked snowboarding over skiing because it trumped it tenfold in the cool stakes and I was correct, line up adrenaline junkies this your next hit. No wonder snowboarders invent their own vocabulary, because when you are weaving down the side of a mountain, wiggling your hips and dressed all macho with your matching beanie and gloves, a simple awesome just won’t cut it. You are stoked, its rad, banging, insane! Finally after years of trial and error, a bowl of both painful and wonderful experiences, I truly feel, I have found my sport. Now, I must pool my resources together and conquer it.

Three lessons was all it took to lap up the basics and a reasonable eighty squids with Edinburgh Napier University‘s snow sports society (heads up, it is open to all, not just students, however if you are pushing fifty I would advise just going straight to the source itself, the Midlothian dry ski slope in Hillend. Click on the link for prices and directions.

Here is a video which I definitely did not put up to force your hand to try this most epic of sports: