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Nathan Kingerlee of Outdoors Ireland

He is living the dream and driving a big silver Jeep.

Nathan Kingerlee, founder of Outdoors Ireland, an outdoor adventure and training company boasts a daily life of  leading treks up Carauntoohill, setting up kayaks on the Lakes of Killarney at sunset, teaching snow and ice climbing courses to the eager and washing out wetsuits at dusk.

Courtesy of Nathan Kingerlee

Seven years in business and Kingerlee has perfected the ultimate balancing act of being both a man of the office and securing time out on the field to take part in his adventures.  “My aim is to inject wild factors in every-thing you do and combine the most amazing experience with value for money.”  Nathan Kingerlee’s life epitomizes this agenda, his upcoming adventures include sailing or kayaking the whole of Ireland’s coastline, road-tripping it up across the country in a caravan and expanding Outdoors Ireland to encompass Galway amongst its conquests.

A rundown of a typical day, the more mundane side only; “I get up a six, walk the dogs, go to the office and sort out bookings, check the weather forecast and update the social media sites. Then I drive to location meet the clients, head off on the adventure, return, clean equipment, sleep and start all over again!”

He always knew the lifestyle he would live so ever the pragmatic he wasted no time and left secondary school early. Kingerlee took on a two-year instructor course and following that at the youthful age of 22 he started Outdoors Ireland. He ignored the doubters and now at twenty-nine years of age he is exactly where he wants to be.

The perks of his lifestyle sometimes disguises the lingering reality of his job. He gets three days off a year and during the busy season he rises at six and returns to bed at twelve, exhausted. It is tough, but it is worth it;  “The best part of my job is reading Trip Advisor and getting our clients responses and emails back and then there are these moments when I am setting up for the day ahead alone and I get to see incredible things that only I get to see.”

Courtesy of Nathan Kingerlee

According to Kingerlee, Ireland has got an abundance to offer the global adventure world; “Adrenaline, landscape, excitement, music, and a certain ‘craic’ that is lacking in other countries. Ireland is an incredible product, the adventure may be harder to find but when you do, its priceless.”

Her economy may be sputtering and weak but hidden in Ireland’s hills and lakes the adventure she can offer is slowly creeping to life and when it explodes, Nathan Kingerlee will be slap bang in the thick of it.


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