Interview with Lucy Adams – UK’s number one female skateboarder



1.How did you first get into the sport?

I was 13 and I used to swim for the local swimming club and there was a new skatepark being built just behind the pool. I had previously used roller boots on the old ramps near me but this time I saw some skateboarders riding the park. I thought it looked so cool and so I asked my dad if I could have a board to try to learn. Luckily I seemed to have quite a bit of balance but also I was encouraged by that fact that there were so many others that were new to the sport at the time! We all used to meet up early on Saturday mornings and skate all day until we were tired out, then used to do it all again on Sunday!


2.Where did you skate as a kid?

My local haunts were Crawley and Horsham Skateparks with a few multi-storey car parks thrown in during wet weather. There also used to be quite a crew of us that skated around the local town centre at a spot called the Fountain! We used to annoy pedestrians / shoppers.


3. You have been skating for 15 years, how many years to go?

As many as my body can take. I actually feel like I’m still learning new tricks every time I go out and skate and although sometimes I don’t have as much confidence as I used to, I think my skating has got stronger recently.


4.How much competition do you have in the UK to hold onto the ultimate title of UKs Number one female skateboarder?

There’s a good few girls that are coming up plus those that have been ripping for the last few years! It could be anyone’s really as skateboarding is so spontaneous.


5. Who are the big names you are up against on a world scale?

I’m not really anywhere near to any of those girls that compete in X-Games or Maloof Money Cup etc. The ones to watch out for there are Alexis Sablone – she kills it and in my opinion is the most exciting girl skater out there. Then there is also Lacey Baker, Leticia Bufoni and Vanessa Torres.



6.Do you have a signature trick?

I feel like I’m known for doing Fakie Flips. I find them pretty easy and always use them as a trick to test the ramp or whatever. If there’s a specific ramp such as a jump box, then I’ll always try a Sal Flip – I like the hangtime!


7.What female skateboarding competitions are on offer in Britain?

The UK Champs is annual and has been going since 2009. We’ve had something called the Ladies Skateboard Series happen in 2012 and 2011 but unfortunately it didn’t happen last year. I think it was a combination of organisers not having much time to spare (as they do it voluntarily) plus sponsors cutting back on ££ and product to donate as prizes. The other noticeable event and my personal fave is the Girl Skate Jam UK. This is now in it’s 11th year I think and runs at St Albans park, organised by Jenna Selby, Rogue Skateboards Founder.


8.Proudest achievement in the sport?

I think it has to be having sections in both ‘As If, And What?’ the first European girls Skateboard Film and also a part in the Lovenskate Film. It’s great to be able to have something on video that I can look back on in years to come!


9.Why do you coach others?

I really enjoy seeing the progression in others. I seem to have a some skill breaking things up and passing them on in bite sized chunks. I also like to work with those that want to learn!


10. What is the furthest distance you’ve travelled via board?

Haha, good question but no idea how far I’ve actually rode on the four wheels. In terms of how far I’ve travelled specifically for skateboarding, then It would be Australia, to compete in the World Cup in 2003.



11.What are the worst Injuries you’ve picked up over your career in the sport?

I’ve broken both wrists and also broken my arm in three places. I feel quite lucky that I’ve never broken anything in my lower body as I feel that would knock the confidence more and recovery time would probably be longer. My wrist did have to have pins in though and I had physio for months to get full range of movement back.


12. How many boards do you have and what are they?

I only ever have one set up at a time. I change boards every couple of months or so as they get delaminated or generally become quite worn. Trucks, wheels and bearings last a bit longer depending on the hours I’ve been putting in! I ride a 7.8 Lovenskate deck, 54mm Bones Wheels, Thunder Trucks, and Bones Bearings.


13. What are the advantages of been the only girl on the team?

I’m not sure it makes any difference! Its quite a cliché but we’re quite a family at Lovenskate and we do try and meet to skate every couple of months or so. We all keep in touch via phone or email regularly!


14.How often do you get out on your board?

I do try and get out every lunch time for at least 45 mins. I’m lucky that I work literally opposite a small concrete skatepark! Once the weather is better and the nights are longer, I try and stop off on my way home from work at a local park plus I’ll usually go on a little road trip on a Saturday to skate all day. Then on Sundays in the summer I’ll have coaching work lined up!


15.Wheres are the best places to skate in the UK?

In my opinion, the new skateparks near me, Guildford, Woodingdean, Petersfield are pretty damn perfect! It’s also good to travel up to Manchester (where I used to go to Uni) and skate the parks or street up there. There’s also a local street spot near Gatwick Airport that I like to go to for a chilled out session away from skateparks.

Credit: Lex Kembery

17. Do you ever self film yourself out on your board with something like a gopro?

Yep, I was lent a Drift Innovation Camera by DC which is very similar to a Go Pro. I use it quite a bit on my lunch break propped up by the wall or something. It’s good to be able to get the odd trick on film when I’m not with anyone else who can film.


18.Whats coming up for you this year?

I’ve got quite a few coaching related bits going on this summer. We managed to get some funding to run another female skateboard course in Brighton so I’m looking forward to that. I’m also going to head over to Malmo for Girls Get Set Go contest again. Malmo is great and they look after the skaters really well – I can’t wait to go back. Then there’s the Girl Skate Jam UK in June which I’ll be heading to. Loads going on this year.


19.Best website to buy a board on for someone living in the UK?

I would say to try going to a local skate store if you can. It’s always best to speak to people and have a look at board shapes and graphics. Most of those local shops will also do mail order so just have a look around. is good plus Altar Skate store is online and has a good choice of products at good prices.


20. Have you tried Longboarding?

I’ve been on one but I’m fine on my skateboard – haha.


21.Does skateboarding really help with your snowboarding and surfing?

Yeah I think it definitely has. I love skateboarding so much more than the other two but it’s nice to get on a different board from time to time! Plus, I think skateboarding can hurt more as you fall on concrete so it’s given me more confidence when I’m on the snow or in the water.

Follow Lucy via her website or Twitter @LucyAdamsSkate


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