Learning to Longboard

For every normal person a standard helmet would suffice for a first attempt at longboarding, For me, head to toe coverage – hockey goalie style.I was always told the best way to learn is to plunge right in, head first. I was handed the board and told to go, no instructions on how to steer, stop or even go. Apparently skateboarding is more of a trial and error sport, hit and miss sort of thing.It’s easy, the pro’s chorused, just go. Are you’s kidding me? But I proceeded to stand on the board, obviously no theory equals no technique which equals me face down on the floor. Day two – Observation. This should of been day one. You watch, you learn. Easy and result, I improved mastering the ability to travel in a straight line.But I craved to learn faster, like always I wanted to run before I could walk. So I put in the time. I longboarded to work , I went out to the park for an hour in the evening, every evening.I wanted to longboard because I yearned to surf, my only setback was the lack of a sea to practise in. So this, I figured, was the next best thing. Surfing on tarmacadam. The beauty of it been I could do it year round, all the time, any time. It was hard work but it didn’t take me long to catch on and then I felt it. I experienced the feeling that I read about, saw countless times on tv, that rare and thrilling feeling. It was not a hill, just a slope, but as in surfing when the wave carries you

I built speed, blood thumped in my ears, sweat droplets beaded on my forehead and a crazy grin spread over my face. I had caught the bug and I was hooked…


Two days later, I left the garage door open and my board rolled out. Typical me. So its back to the bike until I can afford a new plank of wood on wheels.


One thought on “Learning to Longboard

  1. We all know that longboarding is a very risky. So, you have to be conscious and know about everything before longboarding. So, learning to longboard are so important to enjoy a better riding.
    Thanks for sharing this post.

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